Choosing the Best Gardening Gloves

best gardening gloves


What to look for and what to look out for when buying gardening gloves? We have made a list of best gardening gloves for any type of garden work with a detailed explanation of most important standards good gardening gloves should meet.

1.Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves (The Ultimate Glove)

These are probably the best gardening gloves overall. They are made from extremely durable deerskin, which is very comfortable and flexible at the same time. They have Lycra and nylon reinforced fingertips and palms which makes them perfectly safe for handling any surprises you may encounter. They also have a Velcro wrist closure which stops any dirt from coming into the glove. All in all, these are perfect all purpose gardening gloves which last long. They come in two sizes, men’s and women’s (9″ and 8″ L). Their biggest downside is the steep price, but as with almost everything else, with gardening gloves you get what you paid for. And Gold Leaf Soft Touch are probably the best gardening gloves you can get in their price range. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.


The perfect balance between durability and comfort is hard to find. Ideally, you want gloves which will give you the necessary protection, while not hurting your hands at the same time. Silk gloves would be useless but extremely comfortable, while steel gloves would have the opposite effect. Sturdy leather, or reinforced cotton gloves are an in-between solution that does the trick.

Reinforced Fingertips and Impenetrable Wrist Closure

The crucial part of a good pair of gardening gloves is the fingertips. Same as with gardening gloves in general, they too require a balance which isn’t always easy to find. Fingertips are the most sensitive part, and they are often reinforced with an extra layer or different type of material. They wear out first, and the added protection is necessary to prevent injuries from any sharp objects hidden in the soil. The downside of reinforced fingertips is the reduced ability to feel what you are touching, which can be a huge downside when handling sensitive plants or seedlings. The wrist closure is also essential for the perfect gardening gloves. You want a glove which will not let anything in. If you are working and you have to take your gloves off every two minutes, you won’t get much done. The best wrist closures are Velcro or strong elastic ones (even though the elastic wrists can loosen over time). In addition to these three essential points, when choosing the best gardening gloves, you should also make sure that the glove size is right, and that it fits perfectly (otherwise you hands will get irritated and hurt).


best gardening gloves

Gardening gloves come in a wide range of different materials. Some of them are good, some of them are not as good, but whether the material is good for you depends on what you plan to be using them for. The usual material gardening gloves are made from is either leather (goatskin, cow hide, pigskin or artificial), cotton, or synthetic materials. Leather gloves are tougher and more durable, while cotton gloves are mostly used for light work and they don’t really provide much protection apart from keeping your hands clean. Most gloves, no matter what the base material they are made from is, will have reinforced fingertips and sometimes waterproof coating (usually nitrile).

2.Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves (The Breathable Glove)

These bamboo made gloves provide the ultimate breathability, and they do it better than most cotton made gloves. They are also extremely flexible and comfortable. These are my favorite choice for most garden chores apart from the heavy stuff. They are also really affordable and the manufacture offers a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, which says a lot about the company. They are probably the best gardening gloves for a casual small or house gardener. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

3. Styleselections Garden gloves (The Fancy Glove)

These are (apart from being the most beautifully designed gardening gloves) very reliable, comfortable and durable. They are made from cotton and they have leather reinforced palm and fingers, which is the best combination. They have a reliable elastic wrist closure. You get the perfect balance between flexibility and protection. They are not as rugged and sturdy as gloves made from heavy leather or Lycra, but they make up for that with beauty. Don’t let the design deceive you, though. These gloves are capable of performing well in almost all environments, and they are perfect for handling everything, from seedlings, to transplanting pine trees. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

4. Showa Atlas Garden Club Gloves (The Waterproof Glove)

These are great for handling wet soil because of their tough, waterproof nitrile coating.  They enable great feel when handling sensitive plants, and they are very durable and flexible. The best thing about them is that they feel as if you were wearing a second skin. There is almost no difference from using bare hands. That makes them perfect from picking roots or doing delicate garden work. The downside is the non-breathable coating, but that can be easily handled if you air dry them properly after each use. They are cheap, reliable and versatile, one of the best gardening gloves in general. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

5. Boss Dirt Digger Gloves (The Basic Glove)

These are a great and affordable option for every day work (not just gardening). They are rubber coated, which makes them durable and comfortable, as well as easy to maintain. The downside is that there is not much air circulation, so your hands will sweat more than in gloves made from natural materials. A cheap and solid well rounded option which can sustain most gardening tasks. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

6. Rose Pruning Gloves (The Thorn Glove)

This is a great solution for handling rose bushes or any other unfriendly plant. They are made from thorn proof goatskin leather with a long cowhide gauntlet which protects your arm up to the elbow. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.