Choosing Best Garden Scissors for High Precision, Heavy Duty and Everyday Garden Work

1. Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears

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These amazing garden scissors are the basic, yet ultimate pruning tool. They are perfect for a variety of general pruning tasks. They have a fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade with a rust-resistant low-friction coating which makes the cutting much easier. They are also equipped with a „self-cleaning“ sap groove which keeps the blades shiny and prevents them from sticking together. Fiskars classic garden scissors are an affordable, durable and efficient pruning tool, which will cover most of your pruning needs. They are ideal for cutting stems and light branches (with a maximum diameter of up to 5/8″). They have a lifetime warranty and the price is really reasonable, which makes these the best choice when considering the price to quality ratio. The company, Fiskars, is one of the most, if not the most reliable company on the market. It was established in as an ironworks in a small Finnish village in 1649., making it highly trustworthy. Today they are one of the leading consumer goods companies in the world. For more information on Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears, customer reviews and prices click here.

2. Derio 8″ Micro Tip Pruning Shears

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These are the best fine trimming and shaping affordable garden scissors out there. They are extremely easy to use, with blades which automatically reopen after each cut, and they don’t cause any pain or strain. They are made from the finest stainless steel. When it comes to fine detail work, these are the top of the range. Highly precise, durable, easy to clean and maintain, and really affordable. One other great aspect of these simple, yet efficient garden scissors, is that once the blades get blunt, you can simply unscrew them and sharpen them. These are my number one choice for cutting and trimming herbs, which are really delicate to deal with (if done properly), and they require high precision and fine cuts. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

3. Barebones Living Large Scissors

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The best ambidextrous (equally adaptable in the use with both the left and the right hand) garden scissors. They are also shaped like classic home scissors which makes them somewhat easier to use. They have a comfortable (they can be used for several hours even without gloves without causing discomfort) bamboo handle which provides a firm grip and it’s optimally adhesive. The blades are made from stainless steel and they can be sharpened easily if needed. They are durable and capable of withstanding extreme garden treatment. These well designed garden scissors are perfect for collecting leafy plants, they are a great precision tool too, but they are not suitable for heavy cutting. The blades are 4″ long which makes them a great tool for hard to reach spots. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

4. Oakridge Garden Tools Multi Purpose Shears 

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These are by far the best looking garden scissors.  They have a real redwood handle and a leather sheath which makes them unique among hundreds of similar looking garden tools. They are just as efficient though, with their extremely sharp cutting edge and a tension spring action technology which makes them easy to use. They are also among the most versatile garden scissors, and they are great for many outdoor and indoor uses. On the downside, they are a bit heavier and a bit more expensive than most. Still, they are one of the best choices for simple pruning and herb harvesting. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

5. Planted Perfect Pro Garden Lopper and Scissor Pruners Tool Set 

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This is a one in all pruning set. With the lopper and the scissor pruners, you are covered no matter what may come. The lopper cuts through branches of up to 1″ easily, and the scissors are perfect for cutting branches up to 1/3″. They are sized 16″ and 8″. Both have minimal moving parts, which makes them easy to maintain, clan and sharpen. The blades are made from extremely durable forged carbon steel (carbon steel is much stronger and more durable than stainless steel). They are rather comfortable, even during whole day cutting and they won’t cause arthritis aches, calluses or blisters. These are heavy duty tools, meant for hard work and they can take a beating. They are made in one piece which makes them virtually indestructible. Their biggest downside is that they are not especially suited for high precision work. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

6. Sago Brothers Bonsai Pruner Pruning Scissors

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These mini bonsai pruning scissors are affordable and efficient. They are highly precise and perfect for trimming tiny buds and leaves. The set comes with five mini size pieces, only 4″ in length. The best thing about them is that they are virtually disposable. The whole set costs around $8, which makes is much easier to just replace them once they wear off (which takes a long time, though) instead of doing the maintenance and sharpening yourself. All in all, the perfect garden scissors for extreme precision, young plants, seedlings and delicate herbs or flowers. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.

7. Rotating Head Grass Shears 

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These efficient Grass Scissors are ideal for edging and trimming decorative grasses around flower beds, trees, mailboxes, sidewalks or other similar rough spots. They provide smooth, clean cuts without jamming or sticking together. Their blades rotate to make every cut perfectly precise, regardless the angle. They cut well around brick, metal posts and plastic lawn edging and are equally efficient for use with both hands. They can be used for trimming hard to reach places and spots in between flower beds or around trees, which are usually often “intentionally overlooked”. They are affordable, durable and they get their job done perfectly. One amazing unique feature of these garden scissors is the relief they provide on your thumb (many people have thumb arthritis problems, which makes most repetitive actions unbearable); Instead of the pressure being on the thumb, the force is provided by using your four other fingers, while the thumb goes in the bottom loop and doesn’t have to do any work. For more information on these amazing grass shears, customer reviews and prices click here.

8.Fiskars Power Lever Hedge Shears

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These perfect hedge trimming garden scissors come with 8″ serrated steel blades and a power lever mechanism which makes the cutting easier and reduces the force needed to cut through thick branches and hedges. The blades have a self-sharpening design, which means that they require no sharpening at all. As opposed to the majority of heavy duty garden scissors, these are low maintenance and extremely efficient. The handles have a soft grip and they are cushioned to act as anti shock bumpers. They can be used on branches up to 3/4″ thick which makes them perfect for any small to medium garden. As all other Fiskars products, they are great value for money, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.



Claning, Sharpening and Maintenance


Passionate gardeners look after their tools, same as any other artisan. When it comes to garden scissors, one of the most often used indispesable garden tools, this rule especially applies. Garden scissors go through a lot, and they constantly get dirty, sticky and their blades get blunted. Their efficiency can, therefore, decrease significantly if they are not maintained properly. The basic piece of advice, which applies to any tool is that you should clean it and dry it after use. That way it will definitely last much longer. Some dirt or other sticky stuff that might get onto the blade might not be that easy to come off though. There is a product called Scissor Fix which seems quite useful for extremely dirty scissory. It is a can with a foamy substance inside, which enables you to clean the blades by inserting them inside. It works very well, but the chemistry behind it seems a mystery to me. Still, it’s a cheap and useful cleaning tool. Most impurities should still come off the traditional way. Most high quality garden scissors can be sharpened easily by unscrewing them and using any simple sharpening tool. They should also be oiled regularly to ensure high efficiency and smooth cutting.




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